Dr. Diane Ullman

Senior Director

It is an honor to work with and learn from the DMGroup member superintendents who are dedicated to delivering the highest quality public education to their communities.

About Diane

Dr. Diane Ullman is a senior director at DMGroup. She brings to this role a wealth of experience as a superintendent as well as leadership development experience with superintendents and principals in a wide range of settings. Formerly Superintendent of the Simsbury, Connecticut Public Schools, Diane also served as Chief Talent Officer for the Connecticut State Department of Education, and Director of the University of Connecticut Administrator Preparation Program.

At DMGroup, Diane has led work in turnaround districts in several states as well as human capital management, strategic planning, and resource allocation projects. She worked with an urban turnaround district to implement a comprehensive turnaround plan aimed at improving district systems and culture, building teacher and leader capacity and raising student achievement. Diane has also helped a large urban district revamp its human capital system in order to raise the quality of teaching and leading and ultimately impact student achievement, and she has worked with several districts to improve the general education and regular education intervention services and systems. In addition to supporting district improvement efforts, Diane has led partnership with a state agency to improve accountability and support for the lowest-performing schools.

In addition to her role at DMGroup, Diane is Director of the Advanced Instructional Leadership Program, in partnership with the University of Connecticut, QRTA, the Ministry of Education in Jordan and the University of Jordan. She is also an International Accreditation Leader for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.

Diane has been recognized for her exceptional leadership in education. She was named the 2012 Connecticut Superintendent of the Year and received an Excellence in Educational Leadership Award in 2008 from the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA).

Diane is a co-author of Learning Personalized: The Evolution of the Contemporary Classroom.

She holds a doctorate from the University of Colorado, a master’s degree from Northeastern University, and a bachelor's degree from Regis College.

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