Equity Office

Partnering with Districts to Strengthen Equitable and Inclusive Practices

Our Perspective

Strengthening equity through deep collaboration and capacity development

Shifting a school district’s culture towards equity and inclusion requires coordinated and centralized efforts to address systems, policies, materials, and mindsets. It is not a one and done event; it requires continual work. Therefore, DMEquityOffice is designed as a sustained partnership over time.

DMGroup deepens the awareness of district leaders around equity issues and develops the capacity of district leaders to effectively facilitate equitable change management. Thus the partnership is grounded in mutual trust and deep collaboration in service of long-term sustainable change.

Our Approach

In partnership with district leaders, DMEquityOffice will engage in comprehensive planning to help strengthen equitable and inclusive practices in the district. Long-term goals are clearly defined and short-term action plans are detailed in order to ensure meaningful progress and momentum. Throughout the year, DMEquityOffice provides ongoing support to help sustain efforts; this includes facilitated collaboration with peers and support from experts steeped in the work.

Equity in Action framework


In our Equity in Action framework, we organize the key categories of work that need to be addressed to help forge the systemic changes needed on the journey toward equity. The work is grounded in the interconnectedness between teaching and learning and district-wide systems and policies and the six drivers of systemic change within these domains.

Key Benefits

Increase equity and improve opportunities for students and staff

  • Thoughtful systems redesign defining a long-term change strategy
  • Short-term action plan to ensure measurable progress
  • Dedicated DMGroup Equity Advisor provides a long-term partnership grounded in mutual trust and collaboration
  • Curated resource library to support building of knowledge and capacity
  • Monthly convenings with a network of peers
  • Professional network of industry experts


Strengthen Equity of Opportunity for Students, Staff, and Communities

Planning with Support



With the DMEquityOffice, districts are supported to develop long-term equity goals and make measurable progress towards those goals with support from a dedicated Equity Advisor, access to a curated resource library, and monthly covenings with a network of peers engaged in similar equity work.

Identify district strengths and areas of growth

Equity Opportunity Review


Districts seeking to gain a deep understanding of their current strengths and opportunities may choose to conduct an Equity Opportunity Review before beginning their DMEquityOffice partnership. With the review, DMGroup team members will conduct qualitative interviews and focus groups, review district policies and practices, and perform a robust analysis of data. This information will be consolidated, analyzed, and compared to research and promising practices to provide recommendations for prioritization and planning.