Planning for Reopening Schools during COVID-19

Our PR2: Plan Review & Peer Review service helps you develop and validate your reopening plan

Quick action is needed in order for schools to successfully develop rigorous and flexible reopening plans for the fall in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That's why we're kicking off our PR2: Plan Review and Peer Review service mid-June. Continue reading below to learn more about how this service will help you develop and validate a comprehensive plan for reopening your schools for the 2020-2021 school year, or start your application now to reserve your spot. Space is limited.

APPLY NOW Program begins June 9th

Our Approach

Using our Framework for Reopening Schools in Fall 2020, we'll provide a structured, best-practice based approach to planning in uncertain times to help districts craft reopening plans that do five things well:

  • Address the academic and social-emotional needs of all students in the case of modified on-campus design, remote learning design, and a hybrid approach
  • Create an operational plan for facility usage, food service, transportation, technology, and maintenance in this new normal
  • Develop plans for multiple financial scenarios and for addressing any budget shortfall while facing mounting costs associated with the effects of coronavirus
  • Form a stakeholder communication plan to communicate clearly and effectively throughout the reopening process
  • Ensure coherence and equity across the above workstreams through a Steering Committee led by the superintendent

Key Benefits

Access expert guidance and validate your plan

  • Create a thoughtful, well-structured reopening plan for Fall 2020
  • Leverage the collective wisdom of leaders from other districts and DMGroup experts
  • Reduce your team’s time and share costs
  • Have your plan tested and validated by experts and peers
  • Develop a renewed sense of energy and collective action
  • Build capacity of your team

Our Services

Structured support for opening up schools successfully for fall 2020

Consulting Service

PR2: Plan Review & Peer Review

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DMGroup's PR2: Plan Review and Peer Review service offers a structured, best-practice based approach to help districts develop their own reopening plan with help from experts and peer insights. Your district will develop its own plan individually using our templates and guides. DMGroup will provide feedback and advice about your plan, and you'll have the opportunity to share and compare plans with other districts through our Peer Review program as part of this service. Working within the tight timeline, you'll develop and validate a comprehensive reopening plan for the fall.

$15,000 per school district, $12,500 per DMCouncil member district*
*DMCouncil Annual Membership is $3,500 and includes conferences, PD, and research

The PR2: Plan Review and Peer Review kicks off mid-June, and space is limited. Apply now!

Access templates and guides

PR2 Cohort Kick-Off
During a kick-off conference, DMGroup will share a structured, best-practice approach along with templates, guidelines, and tools to help inform your district's planning efforts.

Develop and refine your plan

Three Plan Iterations within the PR2 Process
A team of your district's leaders will craft and refine a comprehensive plan for reopening using our structured, best-practice based approach and provided templates and guides.

Get expert advice about your plan

A Thorough DMGroup Expert Review of Your Plan
DMGroup will review and provide feedback on your district-developed plan, leveraging insights from our national panel of subject matter experts as well as our extensive research, deep experience, and best practices. We will keep a persistent focus on equity, coherence, and cost-effectiveness throughout our review.

Validate your plan with peers

Two Facilitated Peer Review Opportunities
Participating districts will be able to share and provide feedback to each other in a structured manner two times during the course of plan development. By leveraging each other’s experience and expertise in an efficient way, the best ideas will be surfaced and considered. Additionally, participants will have the option to continue as a cohort throughout the year.

Model school schedule scenarios

Elementary Scheduling Software License Included for One School
Given the uncertainty about what form schooling will take in the fall, it will be helpful to model different scheduling scenarios. Included in the PR2: Plan Review and Peer Review service is a license for DMGroup's Elementary Scheduling Software for one school, and additional licenses are available for purchase.

Our PR2: Plan Review & Peer Review Service kicks off mid-June, and space is limited!

Apply now to participate in our PR2: Plan Review and Peer Review Service. DMGroup is also happy to discuss any more tailored support needs your district has.

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