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Create elementary schedules that raise achievement and improve equity

About DMSchedules

The easiest and fastest way to build and manage your school schedules

DMSchedules for Elementary Schools allows principals to quickly and easily build elementary school schedules. Specials rotations, homeroom and specials teacher schedules are then automatically updated based on the master schedule. Set and embed instructional guidelines, build schedules with drag-and-drop ease, and quickly explore multiple scheduling scenarios. Instantly share your online schedule with administrators, teachers, and staff to ensure they always have access to the latest version. What used to take days can now be done in hours.

How It Works

DMGroup’s solution for elementary school scheduling combines our powerful, web-based scheduling software, field-proven best practices, and a team of scheduling experts to help you define instructional priorities to develop powerful, student-centered school schedules and individual staff schedules tailored to your specific needs.

  • Easier and faster schedule creation
  • Improved coordination, collaboration, and communication
  • Support for multiple scenarios to quickly adapt to changing needs
  • Share up-to-date schedules with staff effortlessly
  • Leverage DMGroup's expertise in best-practice scheduling

Watch the Video

See how quickly and easily you can create strategic elementary school schedules aligned with your learning goals, automatically create dependent student and staff schedules, and more.

Key Benefits

Unlock the potential of every school day with strategic elementary scheduling

  • Reduce the time it traditionally takes to prepare schedules—often from weeks to hours
  • Experiment with different scenarios to determine the best schedule for your school’s specific needs
  • Achieve instructional best practices
  • Maximize special education and related services support opportunities
  • Foster collaboration and continuous improvement to maximize results
  • Receive support and training from our team of experts with experience scheduling schools nationwide

Scheduling Software

Improve achievement and equity by making the most of student and teacher time

Technology-Enabled Solution

Elementary Scheduling Software and Services


DMSchedules for Elementary Schools is our powerful, proprietary scheduling software built on best practices. It allows you to quickly and easily set and embed instructional guidelines and explore multiple scenarios with a drag-and-drop feature. When you have chosen the best schedule for your school’s needs, DMSchedules allows for easy sharing of schedules among teachers, staff, and administrators.

Define Priorities

Our approach begins with a needs assessment in which we conduct an analysis of your schedules to identify strengths and areas for improvement. After presenting scheduling and instructional best practices, DMGroup works with your leadership team to establish the goals and priorities to be achieved.

Master and Staff Schedules

In partnership with you, we create a master school schedule tailored to your needs from which homeroom teacher schedules, specials rotations, and teacher and staff schedules are then automatically generated. Our software makes it easy to view and share schedules with others, such as principals or central office leaders.

Experiment with Scenarios

Our DMSchedules scheduling software allows central office, schools, and staff to quickly and easily experiment with different scenarios within desired constraints and to make final modifications. And, all this scheduling can be done in up to 80% less time than traditional methods.

Empower your Team

DMGroup provides training for district and building leadership teams regarding best practice schedules and instructional best practice. We also provide ample software training to ensure that staff can work independently to create new schedules, experiment, and respond to changes.

Build Support for Change

Our facilitation and change management process will help you increase collaboration, thereby building buy-in for a new approach that supports your school and district priorities.

Technology-enabled Solution

Special Education Scheduling


DMSchedules for Special Education enables your special educators, interventionists, related service providers, and support staff to coordinate the scheduling of student services so that nothing falls through the cracks. With this powerful software, you can ensure that IEPs are met and that best practices are implemented. Scheduling sharing allows for strong coordination and improved services for students.

Client Result

Raising Achievement and Addressing Equity with Instructional Guidelines and Effective Scheduling

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