Elementary and Secondary School Scheduling

Raise achievement and improve equity with strategic scheduling

Our Perspective

School schedules are a powerful lever for raising achievement

In all schools, time is a valuable and scarce resource. While school schedules are created with the best intentions, the enormous complexity of the task often results in schedules filled with uncomfortable compromises. Research shows that the key to great elementary and secondary schedules is making time for instructional best practices like daily intervention laser-focused on educational needs.

With a strategic approach and powerful software, you can create best practice schedules that support your instructional priorities, make the most of every minute of the school day, and achieve benefits for both students and teachers.

"Our district now has consistent scheduling guidelines aligned to best practices across all elementary schools, allowing us to increase equity. We’re also now providing 45-minutes of daily intervention, creating opportunity to drive improvements in achievement levels."

Dr. Tanzy Kilcrease Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Bibb County School District (GA)

Our Approach

DMGroup helps principals and schedulers of all experience levels create student-centered elementary and secondary school and staff schedules that reflect your instructional priorities, cost-effectively implement teaching and learning best practices, and unlock the potential of every school day. Our comprehensive approach to building schedules combines education best practices, management expertise, proprietary schedule-building software, and tried-and-true processes garnered from a decade of working with hundreds of school districts.

Finding time in the school day for your priorities is possible with DMGroup's scheduling software.

Elementary Scheduling Best Practices:

  • Ensure 90 minutes of uninterrupted time for Reading and 60 minutes of Math instruction daily
  • Prevent students from being pulled out of core instruction
  • Implement a daily intervention and enrichment period to support all students
  • Provide adequate time to support struggling students
  • Deliver specials cost-effectively and equitably across schools and grades
  • Create opportunities for common planning time for grade-level teachers every day

Secondary Scheduling Best Practices:

  • Align the schedule to key school and district priorities
  • Provide greater and equitable access to higher rigor courses
  • Ensure time for intervention to better support struggling students
  • Offer courses that prepare students for success after graduation and match their passions
  • Provide cost-effective staffing based on course enrollment and existing class size targets
  • Achieve equitable and reasonable workloads for staff
Sample schedules produced with DMGroup's scheduling software

Key Benefits

Create best practice schedules to support your instructional priorities

  • Unlock opportunities to raise achievement and improve equity
  • Respond effectively to fluctuations in enrollment
  • Achieve instructional best practices and implement district-wide instructional guidelines with fidelity
  • Model different scenarios in a fraction of the time and optimize your schedule
  • Increase collaboration in the scheduling-building process, resulting in more support and buy-in for the resulting schedules

Consulting Services

Make the most of every minute of the school day

Technology-Enabled Solution

Elementary School Scheduling


DMGroup’s Elementary School Scheduling solution combines our powerful, proprietary scheduling software, field-proven best practices, and team of scheduling experts to help you define instructional priorities and develop powerful, student-centered master building schedules and individual staff schedules tailored to your specific needs.

Define Priorities

Our approach begins with a needs assessment in which we conduct an analysis of your schedules to identify strengths and areas for improvement. After presenting scheduling and instructional best practices, DMGroup works with your leadership team to establish the goals and priorities to be achieved.

Master and Staff Schedules

In partnership with you, we create a master school schedule tailored to your needs from which homeroom teacher schedules, specials rotations, and teacher and staff schedules are then automatically generated. Our software makes it easy to view and share schedules with others, such as principals or central office leaders.

Experiment with Scenarios

Our scheduling software allows central office, schools, and staff to quickly and easily experiment with different scenarios within desired constraints and to make final modifications. And, all this scheduling can be done in up to 80% less time than traditional methods.

Empower your Team

DMGroup provides training for district and building leadership teams regarding best practice schedules and instructional best practice. We also provide ample software training to ensure that staff can work independently to create new schedules, experiment, and respond to changes.

Build Support for Change

Our facilitation and change management process will help you increase collaboration, thereby building buy-in for a new approach that supports your school and district priorities.

Consulting Service

Secondary School Scheduling

Secondary school scheduling is complex. How teachers and students use time during the school day can have significant impact on student outcomes. What courses are offered, and at what levels, can increase or decrease a student’s preparation for life after graduation. How staffing is matched to course enrollment can have a significant financial impact on the budget as well. In short, a middle or high school building schedule is much more than just a list of which courses students take and in what rooms.

DMGroup’s strategic approach to secondary scheduling can help you improve offerings and better align staff­ and student needs both efficiently and cost-eff­ectively while promoting equity, rigor and excellence. Our diagnostic approach will help you create schedules that provide greater access to higher rigor courses, more extra help opportunities, and better align staff and student needs. In addition, our facilitation and change management process will help build buy-in for a new approach that better supports your school and district priorities.

Looking for Professional Development?

DMGroup offers professional development for your team on best practice approaches to building schedules that unlock opportunities to raise achievement and improve equity. We can provide this training tailored to focus on the highest leverage best practices at the elementary level or at the secondary level.

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Client Result

Bibb County School District (GA) established district-wide instructional guidelines and overhauled master schedules across all 22 elementary schools.

Read the Success Story

DMGroup's in-depth analysis helped our district glean critical data-driven insights about our staffing and equipped us to make meaningful changes in the ways we allocate resources. Ultimately, this work positioned us to positively impact students and raise performance in our district.

Dr. Abelardo Saavedra, Former Superintendent South San Antonio ISD (TX)

I’m excited to see the progress taking shape. Moving forward this year, I expect our focus on scheduling at the elementary level, as well as our continued focus on reading support programs and professional learning for teachers, to impact our students in a positive way.

Dr. Curtis Jones, Jr., Superintendent Bibb County School District (GA)

We have actually contracted with District Management Group to help us with some elementary scheduling... Previously, we used an Excel file to schedule, so now we finally have a very robust program for our elementary schools, and our ten elementary principals love it.

Dr. Lawrence Mussoline, Former Superintendent Downingtown Area School District (PA)

Interested in something more specifically tailored to meet your needs?

DMGroup can provide custom-tailored support to help your school district in the area of developing powerful school and staff schedules that support your priorities. If you have a unique need, reach out to let us know how we can help you.