We partner with school and district leaders to help bring about transformational, lasting improvement

The leaders of our school systems are charged with the enormous responsibility of providing students with the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond in the face of tremendous challenges. To achieve this, school and district leaders must be not only great educators but also great managers.

We help leadership teams tackle common challenges through a systems-thinking approach that helps school districts strengthen internal capacity and achieve sustainable improvement, making things better for students, better for staff, and better for budget.

About District Management Group

If you want to improve student outcomes, you need to strengthen management and leadership capabilities.

John J-H Kim, CEO and Founder,
District Management Group

How We Help

  • Breakthrough
    Results Program

    Increase school attendance and graduation rates, raise reading and math scores, and enhance operations while building team capacity.

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  • DMSchedules

    Easily create elementary and special education schedules with our powerful scheduling software. Manage student services more efficiently while maintaining IEP compliance.

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  • Professional

    Join DMInstitutes and learn how to solve real-life district challenges and enhance your skills in our cohort-based, hands-on professional development programs for district leaders.

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  • Strategic

    Our strategic planning process identifies priorities, initiatives, and measurable goals to guide district’s daily operations, as well as stakeholder engagement strategies.

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  • Strategic

    DMGroup's strategic budgeting approach based on data analytics allows school and district leaders to make better spending, staffing, and resource allocation decisions.

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  • Special
    Education & MTSS

    With our research-backed best practices, management expertise, and tried-and-true approaches, we help special education students achieve results.

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  • Elementary
    & Secondary Scheduling

    We work closely with schools and districts to address common scheduling challenges and ultimately create powerful elementary and secondary master schedules.

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  • Enrollment
    & Attendance Support

    Strategic Enrollment & Attendance Transformation (SEAT) Plan provides districts with a data-driven strategic plan to attract students and families back to public schools.

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  • DMCouncil

    Join a professional learning community for superintendents and district leaders committed to achieving measurable, sustainable results for students.

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Our Partnerships

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Programs & Events

  • Join us for this free webinar on Academic Return-on-Investment (A-ROI) methodology featuring Dr. Susan Harkin, Superintendent of Community Unit School District 300 (IL). We will explore this unique and transformative approach and provide specific examples of how Superintendent Harkin and her team leveraged the A-ROI methodology in their district.

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  • Jan

    Join our in-depth professional development program designed to build the capacity of district and school leaders to design best-in-class secondary schedules. Over four months, participating teams learn by working together to actively understand and apply best practices within the context of their school’s schedule.

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  • Mar
    2024 Superintendents' Strategy Summit

    Exclusively for DMCouncil member superintendents and their district leaders, this event provides a unique opportunity to learn the latest best practices research, share ideas, and network with a community of forward -thinking peers committed to transformational change. Join us for what many superintendents consider "the best leadership development session for superintendents!”.

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  • Join our in-depth professional development program that builds your district team’s capacity to analyze and assess programs and initiatives to determine what works best for which students and at what cost. This hands-on approach will equip you with knowledge and skills to successfully and sustainability evaluate future district programming.

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