Professional Development Institutes

Capacity-building programs for school district leaders

About DMInstitutes

Developing lasting skills through cohort-based coursework and coaching

The DMGroup Institutes offer a unique approach to professional development. Through a combination of lectures, workshops, and coaching delivered over the course of a few months, participants address a real, live challenge from their district.

Participants come as a district team and learn and work alongside other district teams. This cohort model promotes intra-team and cross-team collaboration and allows for an energizing exchange of ideas in a supportive environment. The unique experience leads to long-term learning.

Our Approach

- Hands-on learning: Participating teams tackle a problem of practice from their district. Participants practice applying their new learnings and refine their skills supported by coaching.

- Team building:
Districts participate as teams of up to 8 members and learn and work together throughout their time at the Institute. Participants form valuable bonds and bring this spirit of collaboration back to the district.

- Collaboration and learning from other districts:
A cohort-based model encourages participants to exchange ideas, collaborate, and form relationships with peers from other districts.

Key Benefits

A Different Approach to Professional Development

  • Builds capacity with a combination of coursework and coaching
  • Delivers the program over several months to reinforce learning
  • Fosters district teamwork by having participants attend as a team
  • Promotes sharing of ideas through our cohort-based model
  • Allows participants to apply lessons to real district challenges
  • Develops long-lasting, transferable skills


Comprehensive Professional Development Programs with Hands-on Experience

Professional Development

Secondary Scheduling Institute

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Come together with other school districts for an in-depth professional development program on building strategic secondary schedules. This 4-month program will help your school or district team build capacity to plan, build, and implement best-in-class schedules for middle and high school. Your team will learn to design a master schedule that is aligned to academic best practices, efficiently leverages staff talents and time, and incorporates student voice and choice. All this can be accomplished without expanding the budget or changing the length of the school day.

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Professional Development

A-ROI Institute

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Learn to employ the Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) methodology to measure what works best for students. Over a period of multiple months, district teams will attend lectures and participate in workshops to build the capacity to integrate data into resource allocation decisions. During the course of this program, participants apply what they learn to analyze a program in their district; they use their learnings to assess how well the program is working, for which particular group of students, and at what cost. Participants come away from the program having learned the skills to analyze programs and ensure resources are being deployed for maximum impact.

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Client Result

DMGroup’s A-ROI Institute: Three Member Districts Leverage Data to Determine What Works

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