DMGroup Values and Commitments

United by our shared mission

A shared purpose

United in our mission to help schools and students thrive

Our team at District Management Group is united in our mission to make a difference for our nation’s students. In partnership with districts, we seek to help effect measurable and sustainable improvements to help all students thrive in school and in their lives beyond school.

Our Values

Working together to achieve lasting results.

At DMGroup, we’re driven by our mission to bring about lasting improvement in public education, and our values are grounded in support of this goal.


We believe that each district’s unique history, context, and culture matter. We get to know our partner districts, gaining a deep quantitative and qualitative understanding, so that we can work alongside your leadership team to help identify the right solutions and tailor implementation for long-term success.


We seek to help school districts achieve measurable and sustainable improvement, and, unlike many other firms, our work does not end with delivering a report. We aim to strengthen our partner districts’ internal capacity and, if desired, provide implementation support. For us, the measure of success is client satisfaction and real results for students and schools.


We believe we know more together than we do alone. This is why we draw on best practices from the education sector as well as management techniques with proven results in the private sector and public sector, and we leverage the collective knowledge of our nationwide network of school districts.

Equity and Inclusiveness

We know that equity and inclusiveness make us stronger. We unequivocally commit to making sure this belief shines through in our work, both by reviewing our recommendations with an equity-focused lens to ensure that the work we do with school districts not only reduces racism but is proactively anti-racist, and by continuing to create a more inclusive environment within our own organization guided by our equity statement.

Systems Thinking

We believe that true and enduring solutions require looking beyond the specific challenge at hand and taking a broad, holistic approach to achieve coherence and alignment. We deliver systems-level solutions that align with your strategic priorities and position you to bring about transformational improvement.

Our Commitments

Commitments to ourselves, our teammates, and our clients.

We make the following commitments to ourselves, our teammates, and our clients, and approach our daily work with these in mind:

All things are possible

We have an infectious sense of possibility for what is possible in Public Education. We trust that we are all in this for the same reasons and driving towards the same outcomes for our clients and their students. When we are operating with a fundamental sense of trust and possibility, challenges become less daunting, and we are better able to drive towards transformational outcomes.

Do well and do good

We will always succeed as a firm when we place our client’s needs first, ensuring the highest quality outcomes, the first time, every time. We find innovative solutions that allow us to maximize our fiscal and human capital resources while creating systematic efficiencies for our clients so that every child can have equitable opportunities and choices after graduation. It’s not only about the work that we do today with our clients, but the work to come. That’s why we serve as trusted advisors and confidants; there to provide support and guidance when it matters most.

Take care of one another and ourselves

We strive to bring our best self to our work and team each day. We share and celebrate successes together. When we need support, we know that our team can help build a path forward together.

Keep a growth mindset

We are independent, self-motivated learners who have an inquisitive spirit and love to solve deeply complex issues. We rise to new challenges and believe that there's no problem presented to our team that we can't work to solve thoroughly together. We see feedback as a gift and actively seek out opportunities to grow and support others in reaching their developmental goals.

Equity and inclusiveness make us stronger

At District Management Group, we are committed to intentional discussion and experiences around race, inclusion, diversity, and equity. We believe our work in public education has the potential for transformational impact. In order to reach the impact, we envision, we know that we must continue to reflect on our own privilege and role in perpetuating inequity in order to take action towards a world where all students can thrive.

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At DMGroup, we're united and inspired by our mission to help school district leaders bring about lasting improvements for students. We have decades of experience working with and in school districts, and as management experts, we also draw from experience working in non-profits, the private sector, government, and technology companies to help districts achieve results.

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