Breakthrough Results Program

Achieve measurable, proven results for students while building the leadership capacity of teachers and staff

Already used by more than 5,100 educators helping 30,000+ students across the country


Measurable Improvements in Just Ten Weeks!

The Breakthrough Results Program is a comprehensive and proven program for accelerating learning and getting results for students while developing leadership capacity for teachers and staff.

District and school-based teams work with a dedicated Breakthrough Results performance coach to accomplish a highly specific SMART goal within a short period of time - usually ten weeks.

The program combines focused goals, progress monitoring, rapid action cycles, performance coaching, and targeted professional development to successfully tackle almost any district challenge.

In addition to delivering results, Breakthrough Results program fosters team collaboration and a sense of community and generates excitement and satisfaction in teachers and staff by empowering, supporting, and encouraging them to grow.

Proven, outstanding results for students have been achieved across a variety of focus areas, from raising ELA and math scores to improving attendance.


  • Raise ELA achievement
  • Raise math achievement
  • Raise school attendance
  • Increase graduation rates
  • and more

Partner Testimonials

Superintendent Mark Sullivan discusses the impact of the Breakthrough Results program on student achievement and culture in Birmingham City Schools (AL)

Amy Edwards, District Literacy Coordinator at East Baton Rouge (LA) describes the powerful impact of the Breakthrough Results Program on students and staff

How It Works

The BTR program motivates teams to innovate, iterate, and pivot rapidly toward measurable outcomes by combining focused goals, frequent reviews of actionable data, progress monitoring, performance coaching, and targeted professional development.

Based on Improvement Science and Continuous Improvement Approaches, the Breakthrough Results program features:

• Focused performance goal
• Short timeframe
(8 to 10 weeks)
• A dedicated DMGroup performance coach
provides individualized coaching and professional development
• Data
is captured, analyzed, and reviewed to measure progress
• Teams meet weekly
to review data, iterate, and innovate in rapid cycles


The Breakthrough Results program is a comprehensive and integrated program combining coaching, data analysis, professional development, and project management

What Participants Say


“The results, simply put, are astounding.”

“The Breakthrough Results process is about how to improve anything, and we’ll take these skills with us for the next big challenges ahead.”

“What has made the difference is a 10-week cycle of focused, targeted instruction based on the unique needs of each student.”


“This experience has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone by trying new strategies to reach students in need.”

“Truly a game-changing program.”

“The Breakthrough Results process was helpful in keeping the Team Members focused on the SMART goal that we set out to achieve.”


“My grades have started to improve since I've been coming to school each day. I'm still working to improve my grades even more. I'm very proud of myself.”

“This class built my confidence because I learned how to break down the word, and I can answer all the questions.”

“I like this program because it’s fun!”

of teachers strongly agreed/agreed that their students benefited from the work of their Breakthrough Results team

of teachers stated that they grew professionally from being part of Breakthrough Results

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