Strategic Enrollment Planning

Meet community needs to ensure successful school enrollment and attendance

Jumpstart the Upcoming Academic Year with a Strategic Enrollment Plan

Maintaining strong enrollment rates has been a major challenge for public school districts nationwide. Parents have been demonstrating increased interest in the many options for educating their children, including charter, private, and religious schools, homeschooling, online schools, and traditional public schools.

District budgets, initiatives, infrastructure, and staffing depend heavily on retaining students and families and attracting new ones, making enrollment an even bigger concern for district leaders.

At DMGroup, we offer your district team an in-depth analysis of district and school-level enrollment trends and a robust and effective data-driven strategic enrollment plan to maximize school attendance.


  • Detailed analysis of shifts in community and school demographics
  • In-depth understanding of family wants and needs
  • Value Proposition development to attract families

Partner Testimonials

Erik Gundersen, Superintendent of Suffern Central SD (NY) shares how the DMGroup's SEAT Plan benefited his district

Our Approach to Strategic Enrollment

Using a data-driven approach that encompasses quantitative and qualitative analyses, District Management Group will analyze enrollment trends and identify key factors causing a drop in enrollment. Additionally, we will conduct a comprehensive community engagement plan to understand family and staff satisfaction with the district, and gain a deeper understanding of individual values and needs. Finally, we will facilitate a workshop with key stakeholders to define your district's unique value proposition.

Some of the questions we will address include:

• How do changes in the student and general populations impact enrollment in the district?

• How do you account for falling enrollment in the district?

• Why are families enrolling or disenrolling, and where are the students going?

• What district strengths can you leverage to attract more students?

• How do you articulate and communicate the district’s unique value proposition to its students and families?

The result: a strategic enrollment management plan with actionable recommendations for improving enrollment and crafting a compelling district-wide value proposition that articulates what makes your district unique.

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