It was win-win. The kids are doing well, our operations improved, achievement increased, and they are being better served.

Joseph Macary, Superintendent Vernon Public Schools (CT)

We Partner with School and District Leaders

to help bring about transformational, lasting improvement by combining management techniques and education best practices.



Best-in-class knowledge and professional development, and a membership community of forward-thinking leaders



Structured and facilitated approaches to deliver tangible solutions to district challenges



Customized management consulting support across a variety of areas

Our Perspective

Achieving lasting results for students demands a systems-thinking approach

Since our founding in 2004

We’ve partnered with hundreds of school districts of all sizes and demographics nationwide

Our public schools lay the foundation for the future

The leaders of our school systems are charged with the enormous responsibility of providing students with the resources they need to succeed in school and beyond while facing challenges of continually increasing student needs, expanding staff lists, and ever-tightening budgets. To achieve this, school and district leaders must not only be great educators, but also great managers.

About District Management Group

If you want to improve student outcomes, you need to strengthen management and leadership capabilities.

John J-H Kim, CEO and Founder,
District Management Group

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