About Us

Only District Management Group combines the most effective educational best practices with proven management
techniques to produce measurable, sustainable improvements in student outcomes.

About Us
Helping schools and students thrive.

Education is the cornerstone of our society, and our public schools lay the foundation for the future. The leaders of our school systems are charged with the enormous responsibility of providing students with the resources to succeed in school and beyond. To achieve this, district and school leaders must not only be great educators, but must also be great managers. District Management Group seeks to provide district leaders with the best management practices, tools, and support to help schools and students thrive.

Founded in 2004, District Management Group pursues the most pressing and important management challenges facing American public school leaders. In addressing these challenges, our unwavering focus is on solutions that improve student outcomes while simultaneously enhancing operational efficiency and resource allocation so that the district and its schools and students can thrive.

About Us DMG

We believe that a district must focus on meeting all 3 of these objectives to achieve lasting results for students.

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To support district and school leaders, District Management Group can engage with districts in different ways:
District Management Solutions

Areas of expertise including Special Education, Elementary and Secondary Scheduling, Strategic Planning, Strategic Budgeting, Program Evaluation and Professional Development

District Management Journal

Insightful, practical ideas and case studies about combining management techniques with educational best practices

District Management Council

A national network of like-minded district leaders with access to professional development conferences, research and publications

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Our Values


We believe in partnering with school districts to achieve results. While districts often share common objectives and face similar challenges, each district is unique, with its own history, culture, and ways of working. We get to know our partner districts and form long-term relationships. We appreciate and respect the uniqueness of our partner districts, and want to work with the district to tailor solutions and implementation plans that will work best for the district.

Achieving Results

Our work does not end with a report. As we work in partnership with districts, we seek to strengthen district capacity; if desired, we work with districts on implementation. For us, the measure of our success is client satisfaction and real results for students and schools.


We believe we know more together than we do alone. That is why we draw on best practices from the education sector as well as the private sector and public sector, and we collaborate with a nationwide network of school districts.

Systems Thinking

School districts are complex organizations. We believe that true and enduring solutions require looking beyond the specific challenge at hand and require a broad view to achieve coherence and alignment.

Our Approach

We believe in partnering with school districts. Best practices cannot simply be imposed on an organization. We believe in the importance of getting to know the people and the culture of the district. We place strong emphasis on qualitative information in addition to quantitative information to provide a deep understanding of the district. It is only with this knowledge and this type of partnership that the right solutions can be identified and implementation can be tailored for long-term success.

Our approach is to create measurable and sustainable improvement. Our work does not end with a report. We pride ourselves in working on implementation if desired by the district.

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