District Management Group team members share the drive and skills to tackle the most complex challenges,
the commitment and tenacity to work through the complexities of implementation, and
the passion to make a difference in public education.


Who We Are

Our team includes our Technology Solutions, Client Services, and Administrative teams. We have decades of experience working with and in school districts, and have experience working in non-profits, the private sector, government institutions, and technology companies. While our backgrounds provide a diversity of experience and perspectives, there are essential qualities we all share:

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Intellectual Curiosity

Each team member possesses the drive to seek deeper understanding and to find solutions to the most challenging issues.


Our team has a passion to make a difference in the lives of students and thereby make a difference in the world.


We value the opportunity to work collaboratively with each other and with the school districts we serve.

High Standards

Our team members value excellence in all we do.


John J-H Kim, Chief Executive Officer
Chief Executive Officer
Adam Anderson, Chief Operating Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Nathan Levenson, Managing Director
Managing Director
Alice Fackre, Vice President of Marketing
Vice President of Marketing
Craig Gibbons, Vice President of Engineering
Vice President of Engineering
Sam Ribnick, Senior Director
Senior Director
Dr. Diane Ullman, Senior Director
Senior Director
Mark Wiernusz, Managing Director
Managing Director