Sam Ribnick

Senior Director

If we can help school and district leadership teams have honest and candid conversations about what kids need, that’s when real change can begin to occur.

About Sam

Sam Ribnick is a senior director at DMGroup. With over 10 years working in consulting and education, Sam brings a depth of knowledge and expertise to his work with district and school leaders. Whether helping districts with program evaluation or school turnaround, Sam believes that successful change efforts must transform both systems and culture. In Sam’s work with districts, he places a focus on engagement with staff, school board members, and community to build momentum around a shared vision for change.

Over his five years with District Management Group, Sam has led the development of our approach to Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI), building out a toolkit, manual and training sessions to help districts use data to determine what works, for which students, and at what cost. With experience partnering with over 30 districts on A-ROI, he is currently the leader of our annual A-ROI Institute, the premier training opportunity for district leaders to build team capacity for more data-driven program and budget decisions.

Sam has worked with over 50 districts in his time at DMGroup, over a wide range of projects. He supported an urban district under state monitoring for turnaround, helping district leaders develop systems and structures to transform an ambitious improvement plan into real changes in practice. Sam helped the district redesign systems for principal supervision and evaluation, special education services and IEP processes, and ELL identification and teacher recruiting. With these changes in place, the state made the decision to release the district from monitoring, writing that the district now has “effective processes in place in order to continue to bring about meaningful improvement.”

Sam has also led efforts to support state agencies of education in their efforts to create statewide data systems to aid districts in decision making. His team led the development of an interactive data visualization tool for districts to conduct benchmarking on resource use, class size, and special education practices.

Sam brings to DMGroup a rich background in both strategic management consulting and hands-on classroom teaching experience. Prior to joining DMGroup, Sam taught 9th-grade physics at a low-performing school in Boston Public Schools, where his students achieved 93% passing rates on the state physics MCAS exam. At the start of his career, Sam worked as a consultant for The Boston Consulting Group and Stroud Consulting, partnering with clients to identify opportunities and follow through on implementation to see a bottom-line impact.

Sam holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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