Structured professional development programs to build capacity

About DMInstitutes

Cohort-based coursework and coaching delivered over multiple months builds skills that last

Participants in traditional, “sit-and-get” professional development sessions often lose 50% of the knowledge covered within an hour after the session ends and lose 90% after one week.1 DMInstitutes builds skills that last. Coursework and coaching are delivered over multiple months, and have participants work on real district challenges. Participants come as a district team and learn and work alongside other district teams. This cohort model promotes intra-team collaboration as well as cross-collaboration with other district teams to build teamwork and promote knowledge sharing.

1 Sarah Galey, “The Evolving Role of Instructional Coaches in U.S. Policy Contexts” The William & Mary Educational Review, vol.4, no.2, article 11 (May 1, 2016),

Our Approach

DMGroup Institutes are different from other professional development programs. Our approach is a unique combination of lectures, workshops, and coaching delivered over a period of months while participants tackle a real, live challenge from their district. Our cohort model develops teamwork and collaboration, and allows for an energizing exchange of ideas in a supportive environment. This unique experience makes for learning that lasts.

- Hands-on learning:
In each of our DMInstitutes, participants tackle a problem of practice from their district. They practice applying their new learnings and refine their skills supported by coaching.

- District Teams Form Important Bonds:
Districts participate in DMInstitutes as district teams of up to 8 participants. This district cohort has the opportunity to learn together and work together on a real district challenge over a period of months. Valuable bonds are formed and participants bring this spirit of collaboration back to the district.

- Collaboration and Learning from Other Districts:
DMInstitutes utilizes a cohort-based model. Districts attend as teams and meet other district teams. Participants have the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and form inter-district peer relationships.

Key Benefits

A Different Approach to Professional Development

  • Builds capacity with a combination of coursework and coaching
  • Reinforces learning by delivering the program over a period of months
  • Fosters district teamwork by having participants attend as a team
  • Promotes sharing of ideas through our cohort-based model
  • Allows participants to apply lessons to real district challenges
  • Develops skills that endure and can be applied long after the training ends


Comprehensive Training Programs for School District Leaders

Professional Development

2021 Accelerating Learning Institute

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Create a powerful plan to accelerate learning and address learning loss in the new school year. The regular “back to school” plan is not sufficient given the tremendous disruptions and all the “learning loss” or “missed learning” of the past year. In the Accelerating Learning Institute, you will work through DMGroup’s framework to build a powerful plan, and have the support of best practice advice, coaching, and peer reviews.

Space is limited. Reserve your spot today! All registrations must be received by April 15, 2021.

Professional Development

A-ROI Institute

Learn to employ the Academic Return on Investment methodology to measure what works best for students. Over a period of multiple months, district teams will attend lectures and participate in workshops to build the capacity to integrate data into resource allocation decisions. During the course of this program, participants apply what they learn to analyze a program in their district; they use their learnings to assess how well the program is working, for which particular group of students, and at what cost. Participants come away from the program having learned the skills to analyze programs and ensure resources are being deployed for maximum impact.

Professional Development

Secondary Scheduling Institute

Learn to build best practice schedules for middle school and high schools. Over a period of six months, school and district leaders will receive in-depth training on building strategic schedules that align with academic best practices, efficiently leverage staff time and talents, and incorporate student voice. During the course of the program, participants will learn best practices, conduct analyses of their schedules, and work to build best practice schedules to be used in their districts.

Client Result

DMGroup’s A-ROI Institute: Three Member Districts Leverage Data to Determine What Works

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DMGroup can provide custom-tailored support to help your school district in the area of program evaluation. If you have a unique need, reach out to let us know how we can help you.