Secondary School Scheduling

Create schedules that increase rigor, equity, and cost-effectiveness

Our Perspective

School schedules are a powerful lever for raising achievement

Secondary school scheduling is more than just a list of what courses are offered in which classrooms at what time. Strategically determining which courses are offered and at what levels affects how well students are prepared for life after graduation. And how staffing is matched to course enrollment can have significant financial impact on the budget. But, the complexity of building secondary schedules often prevents principals from doing what they know to be best for student learning.

When districts and/or schools set clear, coherent priorities and pair them with scheduling expertise, many highly-desired goals that previously seemed unattainable can in fact be achieved in virtually every school without increasing costs or lengthening the school day.

"DMGroup helped us see schedules in ways we had never considered before. They were instrumental in helping our team analyze our schedules, identify impactful ways to adjust them, and help build buy-in from staff."

Olwen E. Herron, Ed.D. Superintendent
Williamsburg-James City County Public Schools (VA)

Our Approach

Based on our best practice research and years of experience, DMGroup partners with you through a multi-phase process to help you create a powerful new master schedule.

  1. Setting a vision for teaching and learning: DMGroup will work with your team to create a clear articulation of your goals, priorities, and values, while incorporating best practices.
  2. Review and revision of the scheduling process: DMGroup will help district and school leaders examine the current process of designing and building schedules and share ways to make the process more inclusive and align to district budgeting and staffing processes.
  3. Review of existing course offerings and analysis of staffing patterns: DMGroup will analyze the financial, staffing, and course efficiency of current schedules, including reviewing equity of offerings and incorporation of student choice and voice.
  4. Assistance and guidance building new schedules: DMGroup will analyze, review, and discuss scheduling alternatives and tradeoffs with central office leaders, school building leaders, teachers, and students and families.

We also recognize that change can be difficult. We therefore facilitate a change management process to help build buy-in for the recommended changes. The result is better schedules for students and staff that align with your school and district priorities and have the support of your stakeholders.

Key Benefits

Create best-practice secondary schedules

  • Align the schedule to key school and district priorities
  • Provide greater and equitable access to higher rigor courses across subjects
  • Ensure time for effective academic intervention to better support students who struggle
  • Offer courses that prepare students for success after graduation and match to their passions
  • Utilize approaches that maximize core instructional time for students
  • Establish cost-effective staffing based on course enrollment and existing class size targets
  • Achieve equitable and reasonable workloads for staff

Secondary Scheduling Services

Make the most of every minute of the school day

Consulting Service

Secondary School Scheduling

DMGroup’s strategic approach to secondary scheduling can help you design best-in-class middle and high school schedules that align to staff­ and student needs and promote equity, rigor, and academic excellence. Our approach will help you and your scheduling team create a clear vision for school schedules and incorporate scheduling best practices that improve outcomes for students. In addition, our facilitation and change management process will help build buy-in for a new approach that better supports your school and district priorities.

Professional Development

Secondary Scheduling Institute Training Program

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Come together with a group of school districts for in-depth training on building strategic secondary schedules. This training program, delivered over a 6-month period, will help your school or district team build capacity to plan, build, and implement best-in-class schedules for middle and high school. Your team will learn to design a master schedule that is aligned to academic best practices, efficiently leverages staff talents and time, and incorporates student voice. All this can be accomplished without expanding the budget or changing the length of the school day.

Looking for Professional Development?

DMGroup offers professional development for your team on best practice approaches to building schedules that unlock opportunities to raise achievement and improve equity. We can provide this training tailored to focus on the highest leverage best practices at the elementary level or at the secondary level.

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Interested in something more specifically tailored to meet your needs?

DMGroup can provide custom-tailored support to help your school district in the area of developing powerful school and staff schedules that support your priorities. If you have a unique need, reach out to let us know how we can help you.