Program Evaluation

Using Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI), we help you evaluate the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of your programs, strategies, and efforts

Program Evaluation

What we do

No district knowingly spends resources on programs that aren’t effective. Determining what is working, for which students, and at what cost, is easier said than done. We help you understand these data points clearly by using our Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) approach.

Budget decisions should not be made based on anecdotal information and gut instinct. We work closely with you to ensure that data and thoughtful analysis determine your decisions about which programs to expand and which to refine.

Academic Return Investment ROI
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Spending Money Wisely: Calculating Academic Return on Investment

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Program Evaluation Academic ROI

Boosting Performance Cost Effectively: Achievement Value Analysis

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How we help

We have developed a highly structured process for determining what works, for which students, and at what costs. Our process helps you engage stakeholders, shift the mindset in the district, and ensure you are collecting the right data.

We apply sophisticated statistical analyses to evaluate your efforts and help develop a concrete action plan.

We partner with you to create understanding, build capacity, and instill a new approach to decision making.