Webinar: Using Academic-ROI Methodology to Budget More Strategically

Learn how Kyrene School District (AZ) is adopting Academic-ROI methodology

The Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) approach developed by DMGroup measures the impact and cost of individual programs for students to ensure that resources are being deployed for maximum impact. In this webinar on Academic-ROI methodology, we explored this unique and transformative approach and had a robust and engaging conversation with leaders from Kyrene School District (AZ) about how the Academic-ROI methodology is adopted in the district.

- Simone Carpenter, Director at District Management Group
- Alice Lai, Director at District Management Group Guest speakers:

Guest Speakers:
- Laura Toenjes, Superintendent at Kyrene School District (AZ)
- Chris Herrmann, Associate Superintendent and CFO at Kyrene School District (AZ)