Elementary and Secondary School Scheduling

Create school schedules that raise achievement, improve equity, and save resources

Our Perspective

School schedules are a powerful lever for raising achievement

Time is a valuable and scarce resource for schools. While school schedules are created with the best intentions, a complex scheduling process too often defaults to “the way we’ve always done it” or other traditional practices that are not aligned with your district's priorities and current student needs. This results in less effective schedules with higher costs, inefficient time management, and additional staffing requirements to meet legacy instructional goals.

When districts and/or schools set clear, coherent priorities and pair them with scheduling expertise and technology, many highly-desired goals that previously seemed unattainable can in fact be achieved in virtually every school without increasing costs or lengthening the school day.

Our Approach

Based on our best practice research and years of experience, DMGroup recognizes that scheduling can present different challenges in elementary and secondary schools. We take a tailored approach to partnering with schools and districts to address common challenges in each scenario and ultimately create powerful master schedules. As part of our scheduling expertise, we offer:

Key Benefits

Create best practice schedules to support your instructional priorities

  • Align your schedule to instructional best practices and key school and district priorities
  • Unlock opportunities to raise achievement and improve equity across subjects
  • Utilize approaches that maximize core instructional time for students
  • Establish cost-effective and equitable staffing based on course enrollment and class size targets
  • Increase collaboration and buy-in in the schedule-building process


Make the most of every minute of the school day

Scheduling Software

DMSchedules for Elementary Schools


With DMSchedules for Elementary Schools Scheduling Software, you can develop effective student-centered school schedules and individual staff schedules in hours instead of weeks. Using simple drag-and-drop features, DMSchedules allows you to quickly and easily create the main schedule, automatically generate homeroom, specials, and other supporting schedules, and share them with your teachers, staff, and administrators in a single click.

Scheduling Software

DMSchedules for Special Education


DMSchedules for Special Education Scheduling Software enables your special educators, interventionists, related service providers, and support staff to coordinate the scheduling of student services so that nothing falls through the cracks. With this powerful software, you can ensure that IEPs are met and that best practices are implemented. Scheduling sharing allows for strong coordination and improved services for students.

Consulting Service

Secondary Scheduling Consulting Support

At DMGroup, we support districts and schools nationwide in analyzing current schedules, staffing, course offerings, and academic programming practices and designing powerful strategic secondary schedules.

In secondary schools, we follow a structured process that involves working with teams to set a clear vision for teaching and learning and align the scheduling processes to the goals and priorities that have been set. From there we analyze the financial, staffing, and course efficiency of current schedules, including a review of the equity of offerings and incorporation of student choice and voice. We provide recommendations for scheduling alternatives and also facilitate change management processes to help build buy-in for recommended changes.

Professional Development

Secondary Scheduling Institute

Learn More

Come together with other school districts for an in-depth professional development program on building strategic secondary schedules. This 4-month program will help your school or district team build capacity to plan, build, and implement best-in-class schedules for middle and high school. Your team will learn to design a master schedule that is aligned to academic best practices, efficiently leverages staff talents and time, and incorporates student voice and choice. All this can be accomplished without expanding the budget or changing the length of the school day.

Space is limited, reserve your spot today.

Client Result

Bibb County School District (GA) established district-wide instructional guidelines and overhauled master schedules across all 22 elementary schools.

Read the Success Story

I’m excited to see the progress taking shape. I expect our focus on scheduling at the elementary level and on reading support programs to impact our students in a positive way.

Dr. Curtis Jones, Jr., Superintendent Bibb County School District (GA)

The quality of programming and the information presented sets DMCouncil apart from any of the conferences I attend.

Dr. Lawrence Mussoline, Superintendent Haddonfield Public Schools (NJ)