Breakthrough Results Program

Proven to Deliver Measurable Results for Students While Building Leadership Capacity of Teachers and Staff

Our Perspective

It's All About Results

Too often, professional development programs fail to deliver consistent, concrete results. Presented in lecture format, useful tactics and great ideas fail to get implemented when teachers and staff return to the challenges of their daily work. While coaching has been shown to be a powerful developmental tool, the majority of coaching programs have also failed to deliver measurable results at any significant scale. We believe that the most powerful way to develop leadership capacity is not to teach leadership concepts but to have people learn leadership skills while working on a vital performance objective.

"Being part of this Breakthrough Results Program was empowering and made a big difference for our school. We need to use this same program for every other area we need to look at – we’re talking about literacy, math, etc. This works."

John Samaniego Principal
153rd Street Elementary School, Los Angeles Unified School District (CA)

Our Approach

"Successful change programs begin with results"* is the rallying call.

With a unique combination of focused goals, actionable data, short-cycle iterations, just-in-time professional development, and performance coaching, Breakthrough Results program delivers measurable improvements for students while building teacher and staff capacity.

The program has been successfully used to raise attendance, increase graduation rates, improve reading and math achievement, and enhance facility and operations management.

*Robert H. Schaffer and Harvey A. Thompson, "Successful Change Programs Begin with Results," Harvard Business Review (January-February 1992)

How It Works

Based on Improvement Science and Continuous Improvement Approaches, the Breakthrough Results program features:

  • Highly Specific Goal that keeps a laser focus on results
  • Short Cycle of 8-10 weeks to achieve the goal
  • Actionable Data from the DMGroup Data Analysis Team providing progress monitoring to drive iteration and innovation
  • Dedicated Performance Coach meeting weekly with teams to discuss data, support, and coach rapid action iteration, and foster cross-functional collaboration
  • Professional Development and Coaching provided on a just-in-time basis builds leadership capacity that lasts
  • Team Approach to foster cross-functional collaboration within teams. Launching multiple teams simultaneously allows for shared learning and creates a healthy combination of collaboration and competition

    Applicable for a variety of challenges:

      "Breakthrough Results Program is designed to help districts achieve real results towards critical strategic priorities, all while getting results for students and building the leadership and problem-solving capacity of Team Leads and Team Members to maintain these results long after the challenge cycle ends."

      Lauren Wein Feldman, Senior Director of Breakthrough Results (BTR) Program

      Key Benefits

      Realize Measurable Results and Build Capacity

      • Builds enduring skills
      • Provides on-the-job learning and practice
      • Promotes confidence, creativity, and teamwork
      • Proven to achieve measurable results in short timeframe
      • Applicable for a variety of challenges: literacy in early childhood education, chronic absenteeism, information technology, and more!

      Consulting Service

      The Breakthrough Results Program

      Build enduring skills while achieving measurable results. With the Breakthrough Results Program, DMGroup will help you launch multiple cross-functional teams each composed of five to seven individuals. A DMGroup dedicated coach will work with each team to set a significant, measurable performance goal. Working in rapid cycles over a period of 8-10 weeks, the DMGroup coach will support the team as they work to achieve their goal. Just-in-time targeted professional development and coaching will help the team track data, innovate, overcome obstacles and achieve meaningful change for their school.

      Virtual Breakthrough Results Program also available

      Working hard to serve students during the pandemic, teachers and staff need professional development support. The virtual version of the Breakthrough Results Program is proven to deliver measurable results. The Virtual Breakthrough Results Program, like the in-person version, provides targeted professional development and just-in-time performance coaching to help teachers and staff build leadership skills while achieving tangible results for students.

      Consulting Service

      Breakthrough Results Program Attendance

      Empower school-based teams to tackle absenteeism and achieve tangible results in a 10-week period. DMGroup’s unique program combines performance measurement, coaching, peer group support, and professional development to increase attendance while building the capacity of the school team. Reduce chronic absenteeism, increase attendance, and empower staff and build capacity.

      Consulting Service

      Breakthrough Results Program Math

      Empower school-based teams to raise math achievement in ten weeks. DMGroup’s unique approach combines coaching, performance measurement, peer group support, and professional development to improve students’ math scores while building the capacity of your school teams. This proven-method equips your teams with the skills to continue the work and inspires them with the tangible results they help their students achieve. Raise math achievement, build capacity, and empower and inspire staff.

      Consulting Service

      Breakthrough Results Program ELA

      Reading is widely recognized as the gateway to all learning, and best practices for teaching reading exist. Yet, districts often struggle to implement these best practices due to a lack of fine-grain data on how reading is currently being taught. DMGroup will help you gain the visibility you need in order to align your district’s current elementary reading program to best practices in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Align to ELA best practices, improve student learning, and realize measurable results in 10 weeks.

      Client Result

      Dramatic Improvements in Third Grade Literacy at East Baton Rouge Parish School System (LA)

      Read the Success Story

      And now it’s how do we scale up. The infrastructure we built with the Breakthrough Results approach can be applied to any challenge a district can have.

      Michael Romero, Superintendent LAUSD District South