Consulting Services and Implementation Support

Rethink systems to achieve big impact for students

Our Perspective

A customized approach for lasting improvement

Despite the similarities shared by school districts across the country, each district has its own culture, context, and challenges. It requires a deep understanding of the district and a tailored and focused strategy to identify and implement significant and sustainable improvements. We leverage our years of research and hands-on experience to support you in making a difference for your students and staff.

Our Approach

DMGroup’s custom consulting services and implementation support combine insight and strategic vision to help district leaders reach aspirational goals. Our customized consulting services and implementation support help district leaders reach their aspirational goals by combining strategic vision, management insights, best-practice research and years of experience working with districts.

  • Consulting services tailored to your district's needs
  • Support aligned with district priorities to help you achieve sustainable improvement
  • Proven approaches backed by best-practices research
  • Deep analysis of current state to support decision making
  • Recommendations based on a multi-faceted understanding of challenges, needs and objectives
  • Change management support that builds leadership capacity, staff development and community support

Consulting Services

Expertise and support to help you achieve your biggest goals

Strategic Planning

Instead of creating a long list of initiatives, the DMGroup's strategic planning methodology focuses on a concise plan based on a theory of action and a small set of priorities. Using a well-defined plan, we articulate priorities, initiatives, and measurable goals that guide the daily work of district's daily operations. Our approach also incorporates strategies to engage stakeholders and build buy-in for the plan.


Strategic Budgeting

We use data analysis and benchmarking to understand the relative merits of resource allocation choices while keeping your strategic vision at the core of our approach to school district budgeting. Evaluating budgeting tradeoffs from this perspective, our strategic budgeting approach will ensure that district teaching and learning priorities are reflected in resource allocation decisions.


Special Education and MTSS

We provide research-backed best practices, management expertise, and tried-and-true approaches that drive real results for students with special needs, reading difficulties, RTI needs, and social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. By focusing on results-driven strategies, we help you maximize your limited resources and ensure every student's success.


Elementary and Secondary Scheduling

Our best practices research and years of experience show that elementary and secondary school scheduling presents different challenges to administrators. Our tailored approach involves addressing each scenario and ultimately creating powerful master schedules.


Social-Emotional Supports

Districts are experiencing increased demands for social, emotional, and behavioral supports while facing tight budgets. DMGroup helps you improve and expand support services by establishing best practices, identifying opportunities for improvement and expansion, and supporting your leadership team in implementation planning.


Strategic Enrollment and Attendance Transformation (SEAT)

Maintaining strong enrollment and attendance rates has been a major challenge for public school districts nationwide. Keeping students and families “in district” while attracting new ones has major implications for district budgets, initiatives, infrastructure, and staffing. Develop a strategic plan to ensure successful enrollment and attendance this fall.


Human Capital

A system for attracting, retaining, and developing teachers, principals, and central office leaders is essential to your district's long-term success. We work with school districts to align your human capital strategy with your district's goals and help you create a sustainable system to attract, grow, and retain talented teachers and administrators.



DMGroup's approach to school and district transformation translates big, urgent challenges into deliberate, specific objectives that can be achieved through continuous learning and improvement cycles and cultural changes. We use effective, iterative tools and techniques based on proven leadership development methodologies across industries and sectors.


Key Benefits

Bring about lasting improvement with a customized approach

  • Develop strategies that align systems and structures to district priorities.
  • Build leadership capacity to help tackle your toughest challenges.
  • Gain deep understanding of current practices and opportunities.
  • Achieve scalable, sustainable, lasting change for students, families and staff.
  • Tackle tough challenges with an experienced partner committed to supporting all stakeholders throughout the process.

The challenge of turnaround is that a multitude of leadership and management issues must be tackled but taking these on all at once can seem overwhelming. DMGroup provided tremendous support and was an important partner.

Dr. Pia Durkin, Former Superintendent,
New Bedford Public Schools (MA)

Client Result

New Bedford Public Schools' (MA) turnaround efforts led to a major milestone: the district being released from state monitoring.

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Interested in custom consulting tailored to meet your needs?

DMGroup can provide custom-tailored support to help your school district in any area of systems review, improvement, and implementation. If you have a unique need, reach out to let us know how we can help you.