Elementary & Secondary Scheduling

We help principals develop optimized student-centered schedules that cost-effectively support teaching and learning best practices.

Elementary Secondary Education

What we do

Elementary Scheduling

Our tools reinforce scheduling best practices that are focused on improving student outcomes. We guide principals and schedulers, of all experience levels, in the creation of thoughtful schedules that support your school, teachers and specialists much more effectively. Building a great schedule now takes minutes not days and weeks.

Secondary Scheduling

Our diagnostic approach to scheduling helps you leverage your scheduling tools more efficiently and cost effectively allowing you to improve student offerings and align staffing to student needs.

The result is that every teacher, every dollar, and every minute is doing the most good for students.

Elementary Secondary Scheduling

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Elementary Secondary Goals

How we help

Our comprehensive solutions combine in-depth expertise, web-based software applications and implementation support to create optimized schedules for your schools, staff and students without increasing costs.

We help schedulers start with clear objectives and prioritized goals that consider the needs of all students. Schedulers are guided through opportunities to consider multiple scheduling scenarios and outcomes. The path to great schedules also provides the flexibility to tailor and personalize in a way that only experience and the human touch can define.

DMGroup's Philosophy

It is possible for school districts to increase the time staff spend with students and with each other without increasing costs.

Great schedules start with a clear plan for how best to utilize time during the school day.

Effective schedules require the expertise of a master scheduler and a data-driven approach.

Elementary Secondary Scheduling High School
... we have actually contracted with District Management Group to help us with some elementary scheduling.... We used an Excel file to schedule so we finally got on a very robust program for our elementary schools, our 10 elementary principals love it.

Dr. Lawrence Mussoline, Superintendent, Downingtown Area School District

DMGroup's in-depth analysis helped our district glean critical data-driven insights about our staffing and equipped us to make meaningful changes in the ways we allocate resources. Ultimately, this work positioned us to positively impact students and raise performance in our district.

Dr. Abe Saavedra, Superintendent, South San Antonio ISD